About Us


PRANA – The Sanskrit word for life force.

Considered as a life-giving force. Prana is seen as a universal energy which flows in currents in and around the body.

Prana Body Botanicals Is a company that produces artisanal aromatherapy products made with high grade essential oils to enhance your life.  Our goal is to create unique aromatic experiences that promote peace, tranquility and balance while connecting you with the life force, the prana that emanates from the sacred wonders of nature. 


The Story

My passion for scents and essential oils was ignited when I became a massage therapist many years ago. Throughout my career, aromatherapy has been an integral part of my approach to healing and bodywork. I’m fascinated by the way a scent can instantly change your state of mind, like magic.  I would often create my own fusions, blending and adding until it “felt” just right. I dreamed of one day creating my own scent, and now, here we are.

It was important for me to render a unique and special multi-dimensional scent— one that would transport you to a “place”, cleanse your space, and create a profound effect on your body, mind, and spirit.  I was inspired by Dr. Emoto, author of New York Times Bestseller, The Hidden Messages in Water, and his research on the positive effects of human thought, intentions and vibrations on water.  So I enhanced the formula by infusing it with the protective and grounding vibration gold provides along with positive words of love, healing, and harmony.

I envisioned a scent that would instantly transport you to a fresh, cool forest after the rain. To achieve this effect, I had the pleasure of collaborating with a very talented natural perfumer who captured my vision perfectly and beautifully.  I couldn’t be more proud of our multidimensional aromatic masterpiece.

Each bottle is hand-crafted with love by my husband Ricardo and I, with the hope that it will provide a nurturing and healing experience for you.

May you forever elevate your moments with every spray.

With love and care,

Angelica and Ricardo